Wild Life

Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush is very much about the wild life that lives here in the bush.  Here are the posts that relate to wildlife so you can find information easily.  I've put them in alphabetical order by animal or subject matter.  Some have more than one link so have a heading, and some have an explanation.

31% of our wildlife has gone since 1970

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Beetles and leeches

Tawny Frogmouth - an unusual Australian night bird
Cockatoos, Glossy Black - an endangered bird

Blood Suckers
Cats, Abyssinian
The big hoppy mouse  - about the interaction between my cats and Merrilyn the kangaroo
Dogs or Cats
Plastic cat and dog bowls causing acne?

Cockatoos, Glossy Black - an endangered bird

Death after Sex - the brown antechinus
Eel checks out the deepwater oil leak

Gorillas and your mobile-phone

Kangaroos, Eastern Grey
Read the first 28 posts about Merrilyn's life here:
Merrilyn's Story
The big hoppy mouse - about the interaction between my cats and Merrilyn the kangaroo
Kangaroos, ears and sleeping - how their ears work and how they sleep
Happiness is a feeding joey - Merrilyn feeding joey number 6, Rocky
What sits on your doorstep? - Shows Merrilyn sitting on the doorstep - unique photos
Furry Alarm Clocks - One of Merrilyn's joeys wakes me up.
Big Boy is Back - Mating
Trouble in Paradise - Mating going wrong
Trouble in Paradise Part Two - Mating going wrong, update on Merrilyn.
Trouble in Paradise - Part Three - Merrilyn, ticks and the new joey
Love Baby Kangaroos! - Photos of number 7 joey in the pouch.
Kangaroo Joey - It's a Boy! - Merrilyn's 7th joey hops out for the first time.
Joey video - Alexander - Merrilyn's 7th joey goes for a run.

Logs have life inside - why we should leave hollow trees alone

Phascogales - A truly unusual Australian animal
Poo,paw-prints and other evidence of visitors
Possum, Common Brushtail - one of our regular night visitors

Carpet pythons fighting - unique photos of two carpet pythons fighting
Termites and Terror

Squirrel Gliders
Not much bigger than a thumb

Tawny Frogmouth - an unusual Australian night bird.

The World's Most Unique Christmas Gift

Termites and Terror

Wallaby, Red-necked
What sits on your doorstep? Shows both kangaroos and wallabies in an upright seated position.

Wallaby, Swamp - one of the wallabies we see here on scrubby bush.