I'm honoured to have received five awards.  This page takes you to the posts that celebrate those awards and links to the people who gave them and the blogs I passed them on to.

This was given to me by the delightful Tightwad.  Go and read this blog with money saving tips and all kinds of interesting things.  You can read the entire post and find out who I handed it on to here.

This is an Aussie blogging award and it came to me from the famous (or is that infamous) Denise of L'Aussie Writing.  Denise's bi-line is "Tapping out tales from down under" what other motivation do you need to go and say hello?  You can read the full post here.

And then came:

This came to me from the delightful Bryce Daniels of The Bryce Daniels Preservation Society.  Read the full post here.

And the

So firstly my grateful thanks to Carrie Butler at So, You're a Writer  This is a great new blog that carries some seriously good information for writers as well as some very unique and fun posts.  Well worth a look.

And also to Lady Gwen of Run Gwen Run.  I think I first met Lady Gwen, who by the way combines running and writing to make for a very interesting blog, through the Favourite Book Blog Fest and as she approaches her first blogoversary she's creating a blog fest of her own that you may like to join in on. (It's a very clever judge and jury blog fest running in early September.    Here's her first post about it so you can join in the fun. As I was preparing to give this award to her, she gave it to me!

Read the full post here. (It's at the bottom of Merrilyn Part 17)

And finally the 7 X 7 Links award

Thanks to Jo of Chronicles of Illusions.  Read the full post here