So why call this blog Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush?  Well I live on a property in Australia and about 3/4 of it is covered in bush, just ordinary scrubby old bush.  It's not high value conservation land eg rain forest, it's just dry eucalypt bush.  However it is home to several endangered animals and birds including the squirrel glider and the glossy black cockatoo, and it's also home to many animals that could not survive in a rain forest.  It's the kind of bush that we need to preserve and yet it is at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to preservation.

By writing this blog and introducing you to the animals that live here, I have two objectives:
1) I hope you will come to love scrubby bush and so help to preserve it in some way, especially any you live near.
2) I hope you will so enjoy the experience that you will reconnect with other species that live in your environment and find a way to share this place we all call home.

I provide a mix of postings.  Some follow the life of an eastern grey kangaroo I developed a very special relationship with.  If you would like to follow it you'll find the first 28 posts about Merrilyn here.

Thank you for reading this blog, your comments are welcome and valued.  If you have any questions you can email me - cheryl@kangaroosofthescrubbybush.com.

Happy reading, Cheryl
PS Photo - two young red necked wallabies.