Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's it all about?

This blog is about the journey of an orphaned kangaroo who comes into care as a tiny furless joey.

She grows into a character who thought nothing of climbing up onto the couch on the patio!

She ended up with joeys of her own and her whole story is yet to be told.

This blogger is struggling with life at present but one day will return to tell the full story.  

There's still plenty here though...

Start by reading posts that take you from the very beginning of Merrilyn's story here:

Then read some of her later life 
under "kangaroos, eastern greys" here:

You'll find plenty of other interesting creatures in posts - like these crazy snakes! 

Or the possum who visits most nights!

You'll even find recipes - try the home made mango ice cream - delicious!

Anyway enjoy your visit, leave a comment if you enjoy it and one day, this blogger will be back to finish off the story.  There's a big chunk of adventures missing from the middle and of course there is more to tell before the story ends!

Thanks to my many faithful followers and all the best for your health and happiness! 

(All photos and text copyright and not to be reproduced without written permission - many thanks!)