Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy and Free - Merrilyn Part 22 and Post 100

There's nothing as heart warming as an eastern grey kangaroo rolling in the grass,  clearly happy with life!

Those who follow this blog will recall that in Part 22, Merrilyn, Buster and Bob had their last bottle of milk.  Now over eighteen months old it was time for them to be fully weaned and to stand on their own two feet.  For me it was an incredibly nervous time.  Would they survive?  They arrived every morning, all three together, my three musketeers, hoping for a bottle but happy just to have the security of being near to the people who had been their parents for so long.

This particular morning, Merrilyn was particularly happy and rolled around on the ground, whilst Buster watched on.

Clearly she was relaxed and happy with her lot in life.

She looked healthy, and all of them had done well to survive this long as roughly 75% of joeys don't make it to 12 months of age.
My heart ached and I would love to have thrown myself on the ground and put my arms around her. Merrilyn is certainly the nearest I have come to having my own child.  Having raised her from just a tiny, very ill, fur less joey, letting go was pulling my heart to pieces, but seeing her so happy made it just that bit easier to let go.

Though I'd taken away any comfort, Merrilyn still moved to the patio and placed herself on her human Dad's thongs!  Clearly she still felt she belonged here - or was it that she owned the place?

This was a time of peace and joy.  The three joeys visiting during the day.  They would lay around the house, grazing, rolling and sleeping, and then in the late afternoon heading off into the bush.  Every time they headed off I said out loud "Stay safe, we love you." I wondered how long it would be before one or other did not return.

If you'd like to catch up on Merrilyn's story to date you can read all the parts here.

Oh and at last I've reached blog post 100!  When I started this blog in 2010, I had no idea what warm friends it would bring to me.  Thank you for your patience as my life takes turns that sees me neglecting this blog.  It may take a while, but I'll fill you in on Merrilyn's journey - it has some amazing turns!  Thanks for joining me and "see" you again soon.


  1. You leave me wanting more every single chapter Cheryl.......brilliant!

  2. Nice surprise to get a new post. Is that 75% of all joeys don't make it, or just ones human reared?

  3. Look at how sweet and happy she is! I have NO idea how hard it is bringing something up from just a small, fragile little thing and just letting it go...I would DEFINITELY say you are experiencing motherhood in one way or another :)

  4. I want to hug her too! It would be so hard to let go, but you are a good Mom because that's what being a parent is..raising them to be who they are meant to be and letting them go. Can't wait for more posts!

  5. Thanks for the warm comments all. Andrew it's 75% of all joeys who don't make it - not just joeys in care. Sad but true.

  6. Merrylin is just soo adorable creatire and his name is chosen not by coincidence, as I am sure that whoever has the chance to see the sweet picts of him laying down and playing around, will confirm it and fell in love with him! The other two joeys are as adorable as her too! i can not believe that about 75% of joeys are not able to survive:( And even more, how you will be able to let them go, I can feel the mother's pain you have, just by reading your filled with love posts! Greetings, Cheryl!

  7. I love kangaroos. They are one of the most intelligent animals. They are so cute. Great photos.

  8. Love these photos, and (as always) the way you write about your kangaroos.

  9. I love these pictures. Wonderful.
    How hard it must be for you to let them go though. Heartbreaking. I'm sure there's also a great sense of pride and achievement though.

  10. I really hope you and Merrilyn are a book someday. I love her story, and your writing.

  11. There is so much love, warmth, compassion and honesty in your words. I am deeply impressed by your kindness and your devotion. It must feel incredible to give a chance for life to such an adorable creature. Admirations!


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