Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last Night - Merrilyn Part 20

Time flies by in this life.  It has for me lately with blog episodes not being delivered on time, sorry, and it did for the growing joeys too.  One minute Merrilyn was a fur less, helpless joey dependent on me for everything and suddenly it was the last night she would ever spend in her pouch!

In fact her last night was the night before this photo was taken.  The joeys had been outside now for weeks.  Initially they had their freedom only during the day, but now they could also come and go at night.  They only had their pouches at night and it was time they left their pouches behind.

In the wild, eastern grey kangaroos spend roughly ten to twelve months in their mothers pouch.  Buster and Bob had been able to spend much longer as we were releasing all three together and Merrilyn needed to catch up.  It was Merrilyn who eventually led the way.  She was always the strongest of the three, despite her younger age.  She had let us know that it was time, spending less and less time in the pouch.  This last night of the pouches I left my bed several times and every time the two boys were tucked up inside their pouches whilst Merrilyn stood guard beside hers.

Buster, by far the oldest, was the most attached to his pouch.

By now he could barely fit inside.

When I told him this was his last night - he was not impressed!

Oh no - losing my pouch?  Please no.

And so the very next day the pouches were taken away for the very last time.

And so the little band of musketeers... 
.. became big brave musketeers.

Buster left, Merrilyn and Bob.  Now living permanently outside the safety of the fenced area.

They were still having a daily bottle and some pellets.

(Excuse Buster rolling out the lipstick in this photo - male kangaroos are excited by females and food!)

Soon it would be time for the final bottles and their real move for self sufficiency back in the wild.
Until next time!


  1. It really is irrelevant but can you indulge me with when this happened? I mean this year, last year? Part 20 was worth waiting for.

  2. Aw, I feel sad for them, losing their pouches! It must be so hard for you, raising them up and letting them go off on their own. The pictures are adorable.

    It's been fun to watch them grow up and join the journey!

  3. Yay! The Three Musketeers are back! :) I've missed seeing you around, Cheryl. Great post!

  4. So sad to see them grow up, but then so happy because they have and are healthy! I mentioned on a post of mine about seeing some kangaroos at our county fair..I felt so sorry for them being cooped up and on display..I'm sure not Mother Nature's way...good to see you back posting more great stories and pics!

  5. Aw, it feels like having my kids move into their own rooms. Such a bitter sweet moment having a last night in their beloved pouches!

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. Sorry I've been so busy and still am but am hanging on... Andrew you're right this isn't present day. There are stories on here of Merrilyn at a much older age, but the thought struck me to take her story right back to the beginning and so I have - we're circa Feb 2004 in this episode.

  7. Laughing at the "lipstick." :-) I love these stories so much, and feel a strong attachment to these critters.

  8. I am really sad and upset for the destiny of these poor adorable creatures. It is good you took care of them. My admirations!


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