Friday, September 2, 2011

Growing Joeys - Merrilyn Part 18

Sometimes life is just wonderful!  After multiple dramas in a short space of time, (read back over Merrilyn's story to catch up with the action.), we moved into a time of relative peace and joy, watching the three musketeers grow!

Buster and Stephen's relationship grew.

Bob continued to sleep when and wherever possible!

And Merrilyn?  Well she continued to bury herself deep into my heart.

She also loved to sleep.

She loved to lick human flesh!

But most of all, she loved her bottle!

When not sleeping, or eating, the three joined us for walks.  Exploring the territory that was to become their new home.  My wish was for such safe and beautiful times to last forever!

Wishing you all safe and beautiful times.  Until next week. Cheryl


  1. It's so nice to read a good report on the three musketeers! They're adorable. :D

  2. I can't wait to show this post at touching and uplifting. You are doing such a wonderful thing by helping these sweet animals survive..I love the first pic! Thanks for sharing as always!

  3. What a lovely way to wrap up the week. I can picture those brave babies checking out their new world. You have a fun weekend. :)

  4. What a beautiful trio - I look forward each week to find out how they all fare. :)

  5. Aw...what a touching post. They've become like family....and kids. So glad the joeys are growing well.

  6. Such sweetness and joy here. I can't decide which picture makes me smile more to look at. Thank you for this bit of light on a late summer day.

  7. Aw, look at those babies!
    I can see how easily they all managed to burrow into your heart quite fast :)


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