Saturday, September 10, 2011

Buster Blossoms - Merrilyn Part 19

Remember this little guy? (Part 4 - Buster Arrives)

Well he blossomed into a great teenager!

His fluffy look is because he came from higher altitudes so had a thicker winter fur.

His personality was as soft and cuddly as he looked.  A very gentle boy.

You'll also recall his broken foot. (Part 10 - what else can go wrong?)

As you might remember it didn't set well and so it never sat as it should and a callous formed, but it never slowed him down.  The callous shows as a round circle towards the bottom of the thick part of his foot. 

You can also see the strong fore paw.  The nails are blunt but can do a great deal of damage.  Which is one of the reasons a male kangaroo must be released and de-humanised as soon as possible.  Buster liked to come up and gently place his forepaws on your shoulders and that was fine if you stood completely still, but if you moved away quickly you'd be left with welts.  We knew, that once he was fully weaned, Buster needed to go completely wild as quickly as possible. He still had five months to go to come completely off his bottles and by then he'd be even bigger.  

Buster adored his pouch and he was going to be able to keep it a little longer than usual as both Bob and Merrilyn were younger and we wanted to release them all together.  The three of them spent all day out roaming now, but at night were given their pouches and locked into a pen where they were safe from predators and yet able to graze freely, though I suspect that once Buster tumbled into his pouch he didn't venture out again until morning!

Until next time.  Love the animals, they belong here too! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Growing Joeys - Merrilyn Part 18

Sometimes life is just wonderful!  After multiple dramas in a short space of time, (read back over Merrilyn's story to catch up with the action.), we moved into a time of relative peace and joy, watching the three musketeers grow!

Buster and Stephen's relationship grew.

Bob continued to sleep when and wherever possible!

And Merrilyn?  Well she continued to bury herself deep into my heart.

She also loved to sleep.

She loved to lick human flesh!

But most of all, she loved her bottle!

When not sleeping, or eating, the three joined us for walks.  Exploring the territory that was to become their new home.  My wish was for such safe and beautiful times to last forever!

Wishing you all safe and beautiful times.  Until next week. Cheryl