Monday, June 6, 2011

It's All Fun and Games Blog Fest

Something different today - a post without a kangaroo story!  Yes this is the place to come to read of the beautiful creatures I share my world with and particularly the story of Merrilyn, who arrived as a fur less joey and who carved a special place in my heart, but not today! That's Merrilyn on the left with her big "brother" Buster.

I post Merrilyn's story every Friday, and if you would like to read the first 7 parts you can find them all here.

So onto the blog fest.  I take part in these from time to time as I find them a great way to "meet" new people.  I'll be hopping my way through the list to see who's out there and what they are doing.  Many thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for hosting this one.  Alex works in web designs and graphics and he loves Sci-Fi.  His first book, CassaStar was released last year and he's working on a sequel.  If you don't know him already pop over and say G'day. (Hello).

Our instructions are to post about our 3 favourite games.  I'm a writer who loves words so the classic, timeless, game of Scrabble had to be there - and mainly it's facebook scrabble for me these days.  I love it as it stretches my brain, it keeps me in touch with friends in far flung places and, if I ever set a novel in the USA I'll be set as it's teaching me great new words that would certainly not be allowed in the board version of Scrabble here in Australia.

The second game is UpWords.  Yes it's another word game.  I find many of my friends find it a lot less challenging than Scrabble as you can build up as well as on, so you're better off with shorter, simpler words.  If you love Scrabble, but can't get friends to play it, try UpWords.  It's quick and a lot of fun.

Leaving the best 'til last, My third all time favourite game is one only I can play.  I have two Abyssinian cats, Libby and Simba.  They live indoors, (cats do too much damage to Aussie wildlife to let them roam here), so I do my best to keep them entertained and I always spend 15 minutes playing with them before we all head for bed.  Abyssinians stay kitten like and love to play at any age.  They chase toy mice up and down the hallway, or feathers attached to elastic and a pole - my favourite kind of fishing, or we simply chase each other around the house - I'm always the first to give in, they have the greater amount of energy. Meet Libby and Simba - all together now say aaahhhhhh.

So there's my 3.  I'd love to hear your comments and also please hop around the others entered into this blog fest. You might like to join in yourself.

Best wishes to you all, Cheryl

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