Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Just Not Fair

As a consumer you have ultimate power over the world we are developing.  Your choices make a huge difference, and not just to your hip pocket.  May 7th to 22nd is Fair Trade Fortnight.  A time to reflect on how fairly workers are treated in the countries our products come from.  

Chocolate is a case in point.  Many young children are badly exploited in the collection of the cacao beans and there is a huge move to push our chocolate manufacturers to move to Fair Trade sources of the beans to produce the chocolate we all love.  Did you notice the symbol in the bottom left hand corner of that chocolate block.

This symbol tells me I am not adversely affecting others when I buy this product.  There are fair trade organisations across the world and most are celebrating at the moment and urging consumers to join their programs.  I'd like to urge you to join in too.

Here are links to organisations in  Australia and New Zealand  USA Canada and the UK.  Take a look and consider how you can buy products that are Fair Trade Certified so that you ensure that your purchases aren't creating exploitation in other countries that we would never tolerate at home.

You might also like to see my blog on the issue of Gorillas and your mobile phone to make sure we all recycle our cell phones to ensure supplies of coltan and you might also consider this post on bamboo as a fabric of choice.

What we do today will make a real difference to the world we enjoy tomorrow.  As a chocoholic from way back I love eating fair trade chocolate - somehow it's even more yummy!


  1. I had no idea..I will check my products from now on. Thanks for educating us and making us sit up and do more than lip service to living "green" and keeping our children safe and healthy.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, and for posting the symbol. I can't think of too many things more satisfying than eating chocolate to make the world a better place. :-)


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