Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great Institutions turn 50 and 75

Who's your mentor?  Who inspires you?  Are you shocked when you hear how long some of them have been around?  I was!

Award winning Canadian geneticist, environmentalist and broadcaster, Dr David Suzuki certainly inspires me.  I've read quite a few of his books, but given that he has written 52 I still have many to go.  He first hit my mind with his TV series The Nature of Things with David Suzuki that came out in 1979.  David Suzuki has just turned 75!  You can read his full bio here.

At 75 he continues to work tirelessly for the planet and is engaging with the new generations.  One of his recent projects is Playlist for the Planet.  Hear him talk about it on this clip.

The other major influence on my initial involvement with things environmental was the World Wide Fund for Nature - more commonly known as WWF.  Everyone knows that panda symbol!  They are celebrating 50 years of work for the planet.  To celebrate they are asking you to join in by reducing your footprint on the planet.

Check out the ideas here

Don't groan, it's not that hard and it can save your hip pocket, as well as the planet.  One thing they are suggesting is ensuring any products you purchase that contain palm oil are those that ensure their palm oil source is sustainable.  Our blind consumption is costing us orang-utans and tigers as their habitat is destroyed to feed our hunger for processed foods.  So just stop for a moment and check it out - you can have your cake and eat it on this one.  Gotta be a good idea!

Check the products you buy and if they include palm oil ask the manufacturer or supermarket if the palm oil used is from a sustainable source, or give them this link so they can check it out for themselves http://www.rspo.eu/market/howtobegin/  Fact is we live in a consumer driven world - if we ask about things and demand things are done in a better way, suppliers listen.

So happy birthday to Dr David Suzuki and WWF and thank you for all you do to help ensure we live on a great planet!

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