Monday, April 4, 2011

Termites and Terror

I'm back!  It's taken more than 3 months but I've made it.  Thanks to all who sent comments wanting to see more posts here and sorry I couldn't make it earlier.  I've been working long hours, seven days a week, but that finished Friday and so I'm back.  Lots happened and I'll tell all over time but let me start with Saturday - my first day back outside.

I decided I needed to get the brush cutter out to take down some VERY long grass and so headed for the tool shed, long forgotten for over 3 months.  I'd put a large cupboard in there last year, that I picked up second hand.  It is, (was), solid and protects the power tools well.  I couldn't believe it when I opened the door - TERMITES!

Here's a close up of the door frame - now with tracks running up and down it where the termites are busy eating it away.  Yes all those small things on the tracks are termites.  Literally hundreds fell to the concrete floor when I opened the door.
Today I rang about an inspection - the first quote was $376 and that's just to look!  Needless to say I'm going to be ringing around.

So I then went over to the big shed as I needed fuel for the brush cutter. I walked in and started to mix the fuel and two-stroke oil.  Then I heard a noise above my head.

A carpet snake had moved into the shed rafters.  They aren't poisonous and they keep down the rodent population, but the initial noise above my head did strike terror into my heart for a moment and I kept my eye on him/her, or they...

As you can see the snake crosses over from one rafter to the other side.  The first picture shows one side, this the other.  If you look closely you'll see a large snake with the distinctive lighter shading of the carpet snake and directly above it a darker, thinner snake.  Or was it one huge snake with part curled around on itself?  Short of getting out the ladder, which I wasn't quite brave enough to do, I couldn't be sure.  It had stopped moving, clearly hoping I couldn't see it if it kept still and possibly more afraid than I was.

You might like to revisit an earlier post of mine - remember the Fighting snakes ?

So there you go, I'm back and there are clearly plenty of adventures left in this piece of scrubby bush.  Enjoy.


  1. Good to see you back Cheryl! I can't imagine working 24/7... But am about to do it this summer for a few weeks...ugh. Ugh too to your termites and snakes. One is as bad as the other...good luck! Welcome back :-)

  2. Glad you are back. I think after seeing termites then a snake I might of had a heart attach! Ugh!!!!

  3. As soon as I saw your comment I headed over here..I'm so happy you're back! Your post is terrifying! You are a brave lady! Snakes and bugs and creepy things..oh my...but I'm really happy to have your interesting posts to read again. Glad your schedule is more normal too. I saw something on your bio page that made me smile. Your fav movie is Shawshank Redemption...that was filmed here! The prison is our historic Mansfield prison that I went on a ghost hunt a few years ago. It's a great place. The bank scene near the end was filmed in our town of Ashland. Just thought I'd tell you that!

  4. I am so glad to see you back, Cheryl! The snake is beautiful, although I'm pretty sure I might have fallen off the ladder on discovering it up there. Best of luck getting rid of the termites. I can hardly wait to here the stories of all that's gone on in your absence from here.

  5. Oh my gosh... how brave you are... I would of peed and possibly pooped my pants.

    I am a new follower. I write a blog, My Journey With Candida. Would love to have you stop by and say hello. Terry

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