Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bamboo Bliss

Imagine a material that's as soft as silk or cashmere, naturally antibacterial, moisture absorbing, cool in summer, warm in winter, dries twice as fast as cotton, is hypoallergenic, UV protective and is made from the ultimate in sustainable plants - bamboo!

Bamboo is a grass and one of, if not the, fastest growing plants on earth. (Ask anyone who has planted the wrong type in their garden and watched it take over the entire neighbourhood!).  It will grow from sea level up into the mountains and it will handle extremes of temperature and moisture. It needs no fertilisers or pesticides.  It replenishes itself and it matures in 3-5 years.  A bamboo grove puts out more oxygen than a similar stand of trees and it's a great plant to grow where erosion is a problem.  It's the ultimate in sustainability for a planet under siege.

Everyone is familiar with bamboo flooring and furniture but now take a look at bamboo clothing.

Though it would look better on a model, I think you get the picture, (pardon the pun!).  Everything can be made from bamboo.  These leggings, tunic and scarf are 93% bamboo and 7% spandex and they feel sensational to wear.  I've thrown them through the hand wash cycle on my front loading washing machine and they come out like new.  From underwear to jackets and for both men and women, it is all available in bamboo.  Ask around your favourite clothes retailers or check out the host of sites online - just Google "Bamboo clothing"

At last clothing that feels fantastic and that isn't creating an enormous cost to the planet.  It's great to look good, feel good and know you are doing some good!


  1. Bamboo flooring is beautiful. Will be looking out for these.

  2. Very cool! I'd never heard of bamboo clothing before. I'll have to check it out. With all the water we're having maybe a bamboo garden with a side of rice paddy will be in order!

  3. I love the feel of bamboo fabric. Now if only it weren't quite so expensive.

  4. I'm surprised they are expensive where you are Deb. They seem pretty reasonable here, but then all our clothes are more expensive than your neck of the woods I think.


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