Friday, November 5, 2010

Writing Triumph and Blog Tragedy

Two writing triumphs really.  I'm taking part in National Novel Writing Month and as the side counter declares I've made it over 9000 words!  Pretty happy with that and am really enjoying getting up each morning and bashing out a novel that has lived in my head for years but has not made it to the top of my priority list until now.  It's only day 5, so if you've been thinking about joining in, it's not too late.  Here's the link to NaNoWriMo.

The second triumph is having ten articles accepted to the website Powder Room Graffiti and thus being named  a Graffiti Artist.  So what is Powder Room Graffiti about?  Here's how they describe themselves: "Powder Room Graffiti is the response to the exasperated sighs of women across the globe.  Powder Room Graffiti highlights the varied lives and experiences of articulate women and amplifies their voices.  Our global community is the perfect place to share laughs, honest views and opinions in a safe and supportive environment."  There are writers and readers from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.  Articles can make you laugh and cry and you can join and add your comments, just as you do with a blog.  They do pay a small amount for each article published, so budding writers may be interested in trying their hand.

Now for the Blog Tragedy.  If you are reading this you have made it to Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush.  As you may know, until a few days ago this blog was called simply "Scrubby Bush".  When I changed the name it seemed all well, that all my followers came with me and nothing but the name and header photograph had changed.  Alas it seems many of you are no longer receiving the post notifications in your google readers so you may miss future posts.  I'm working on what's happening here and if anyone can help please leave a comment.   I'd also appreciate it if you are receiving Kangaroos direct into your reader now so I know if people are receiving it.  Whilst it is now showing me as a follower, the blog is still not appearing in my Google Reader.  I have reinstated Scrubby Bush as a link through, as that is still showing up and so that should keep you in touch for the moment.  Thank you for your patience, it's much appreciated - clearly I'm still a blogging novice.


  1. Update. I changed some feed links and also unfollowed and refollowed Kangaroos... and then logged my computer on and off and bingo I now seem to be seeing Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush in my reader. See what's showing in your reader and I'm hoping the feedlink change has solved it, if not you may have to unfollow and refollow and then next time it will show up. Apologies for the extra work and I promise no more name changes!

  2. I changed my url, so hopefully this will work. Good going on the 9,000 words!! Your writing is wonderful so maybe it will be a book!! Good luck with that and the blog!!

  3. I'm not having any trouble with getting your new blog showing up in my reader...congrats on the 9000 words! Also congrats on the articles..I'm going to head over to that site and check it out!

  4. Hi Donna and Yaya and thanks for the support - much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed PRG Yaya.

  5. Hi. Came here via your comment on my blog.
    9000 words!! Great effort. Although now it's 12479....
    You're really flying along there.

  6. Congratualations just think when you are famous I can say I new you when......... keep up the good work.......

  7. Big congrats on your Nanowrimo word count! That's a wonderful accomplishment. And I'm so happy to hear your wonderful writing is finding a home.

  8. Hi C, I checked and my blog takes me to you automatically so I'm still following you. Yay!
    Congrats on Nano-oojee. I'm signed up too. Watch this space!

  9. Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comment on my first Powder Room Graffiti article on giving up plastic. Interesting to see what other writers and bloggers are up to also. I've been blogging for a while as Apple Island Wife, and am now ... writing the book.... da da!! Aren't we all. Not to be smug but 29,000 words so far. Hope you're going well with the novel - hard to fit everything in, isn't it?
    Can't see a badge saying you're a member of Aussie Mummy Bloggers on your site - wonder if they'd let you fudge membership a little since you are mother to our nation's symbol... I mention it because there's a new-to-blogging group which is a great forum for troubleshooting.
    Happy blogging, catch you in the blogosphere.
    aka Apple Island Wife


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