Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mango Ice Cream - Homemade and healthy!

As the new joey has been entirely unco-operative when it comes to me taking more photos and, perhaps, even some video of him out of the pouch, (he dives back in as soon as I go outside - afraid of his very strange looking Grandmother I expect!), I decided I should treat you all to one of my favourite indulgences.  "Healthy" might be stretching it a bit, as this is certainly high fat, but it doesn't include all the nasties of store bought ice cream, so as an occasion treat it is much better for you.

You'll need:

The flesh from two fresh or frozen mangoes
1 tablespoon of honey for sweetness ( you could use dates instead)
50 mls of milk
400mls of fresh double cream (heavy cream)
A blender and an ice cream maker.

We're lucky here in Australia to grow our own mangos, but they aren't available all year.  I buy them by the tray when they are cheap and dice the flesh to freeze for the non-mango months.

Put the mango, honey and milk into a blender and blend until well mixed.

To this mixture add the 400mls of cream.  Now don't use the cheap and nasty stuff with additives.
This is an indulgence and a healthy indulgence so no additives allowed.  Use beautiful, pure fresh double cream. (Known as heavy cream in the US of A)
Add the cream to the blender, but only mix it for a couple of seconds or the cream will turn.

As you can see, very lightly blended.  I stir it a little by hand before it goes into the ice cream maker.
This is the section of my ice cream machine that I always keep in the freezer ready to roll.  It must be fully frozen to make the ice cream.  So put your machine together when the mix is ready and add it whilst the blade is turning.

Here it is being churned.  It takes only 20-30 minutes and it's ready.  Check your instructions to know how to tell as machines vary.

So now it's ready to eat and I have to say it is at its best when it is freshly made, so if I do this for a dinner party I actually make it in front of the guests. 

It does also freeze well, but doesn't keep long - humans tend to eat it!  It is still gorgeous after it's been frozen and I imagine it would last as long as any ice cream in the freezer.  I find it goes harder than store bought ice cream, but it melts in your mouth.

Though this is a variation on their recipe, I'd also like to give credit to Blair and the team from Camp Eden, which is a wonderful health retreat in Queensland and the place where the original recipe came from - see I told you it was healthy!  Bon appetit!

As it's summer for my friends in the north I thought I'd hook this lovely summer recipe into Time Travel Tuesdays - enjoy and thanks Nicole for the opportunity!


  1. Anything with mango works for me! It'll remind me of trips to the tropics - thanx for the great recipe!!

    Happy travels!!

  2. Oh, yum. I'm envious of the fact that mangoes are so easy for you to get, and that you have double cream (something we don't have in the states). What a perfect treat for a summer day.

  3. An ice cream maker ... now Cheryl, that is a wonderful gift idea for my son Everett. Thank you!
    Although I have never heard of double cream and don't know if I'll be able to find it around here.

  4. Yum! Makes me think an ice-cream maker would be a grand suggestion for Santa!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my anniversary piece, and for the new link. I'm going to add it to my bloglist right now and will check in again soon...:)


  5. That looks just fabulous and i LOVE mangos!!
    Must be so much fun to watch the joey as he grows...I think I'd like to come over and sit on your porch for a while!!!

  6. Not only a fun, healthy (sort of!) treat, but a nice way to entertain guests! I love mangos and that sure looks tastey...one to keep for next summer! Thanks for the recipe. We love homemand icecream!

  7. I'm told the best US equivalent is heavy cream - I'll go and edit the post so people know. Thanks for all the lovely comments - I'm looking forward to those that come after you finally make it...

  8. I don't see an email address for you on the page (though I could have looked right at it) so will have to reply to your comment on my page via your page ... to change the name of a blog in your blogroll (in your case, Friends of Scrubby Bush), just click on the edit icon under the list and it will open up with the option to remove or rename each blog. Click on rename, change the name to the one you want, save, and Bob's your uncle!

  9. Oh yummy, this looks so good. I'm going to have to try and make this.

  10. Right then! I'm off to buy an ice-cream maker!

    No, wait, first I need a bigger kitchen.....

  11. Wow, congratulations for getting to 50,000 words so early. I'm seriously impressed. Well done you.

  12. Hey Cheryl, this is an awesome recipe. My ice cream maker has bitten the dust and I was wondering whether I should get another one. I just have to now. I get the most luscious mangoes from the Brisbane farmers' market and they are fantastic! Is that the goodly King Island Double Cream I see? Hard to beat.

    This would make a great dessert on hot old Christmas Day. Will follow prawns nice and easily.

    Catch you later. Come by if you get a chance and check out my entry in the American Thanksgiving Blogfest. It's been quite a hit!

  13. Oh, and congrats for strolling along to 50,000k. I'm still about 10,000 short but it was 17,000 short 2 days ago, so I'm making good progress now. Finding a bit more time to write!

    Don't forget to get your winner's badge from NaNo.:)

  14. I've always wanted to have an ice cream maker but doubt my commitment to use it enough! It might be worth it just for this recipe!

  15. Excellent idea for a refreshing and tasty dessert. I'll definitely try that healthy and delicious mango ice cream.

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