Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The World's Most Unique Christmas Gift

Are you scratching your head and wondering what to buy your friends and family this year?  I may well have found the most unique Christmas gift of all!

How many of your friends have ever received a nesting box for a phascogale?  For just A$10 you could provide a nesting box for a tiny red-tailed phascogale to sleep safe and dry in.  This particular phascogale lives in south west western Australia and the box will be placed high up in the trees safe and sound, on your behalf.  Learn more about phascogales here.

Don't we all have enough stuff?  Does Uncle Tom really need more socks and jocks?  Does Auntie Bet need more linen?  Wouldn't the kids enjoy a gift that really gives back to the world and teaches them something about a new place and new animals? 

Do you normally give flowers?  Here's something different.  Help protect rare wildflowers like the golden moths orchid, or help Bush Heritage purchase 2 hectares of wildflower country so that it can be forever preserved by your generosity. 
How does it work.  You go to the Bush Heritage Wild Gifts Website chose the gifts you would like and also chose from a selection of cards which will be either mailed or emailed to your loved one (or to you if you want to hand them over personally on the day), letting them know what you have done on their behalf.

There are organisations around the world that organise this type of gift.  You can provide water to villages in Africa, chickens and goats to needy families, education and so much more.  However, this year, this is my favourite.  So many organisations help others, and that help is indeed needed, but very few do something so specific for our fast disappearing Australian bush, so forgive me for putting it at the top of my list and wanting you to consider it for yours.  I'd also like to state very clearly that I am not in any way connected to Bush Heritage, or their gift program.  It's something I came across and was so thrilled about I wanted to freely promote it.  I do have their permission to do so and thank them for the use of their photographs. 

So go on, head to Bush Heritage Australia Wild Gifts and see what you might find to pop in someone's stocking!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mango Ice Cream - Homemade and healthy!

As the new joey has been entirely unco-operative when it comes to me taking more photos and, perhaps, even some video of him out of the pouch, (he dives back in as soon as I go outside - afraid of his very strange looking Grandmother I expect!), I decided I should treat you all to one of my favourite indulgences.  "Healthy" might be stretching it a bit, as this is certainly high fat, but it doesn't include all the nasties of store bought ice cream, so as an occasion treat it is much better for you.

You'll need:

The flesh from two fresh or frozen mangoes
1 tablespoon of honey for sweetness ( you could use dates instead)
50 mls of milk
400mls of fresh double cream (heavy cream)
A blender and an ice cream maker.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kangaroo joey - it's a boy!

I was so excited to see joey number 7 hop out of the pouch for the first time.  (Well the first time I'd seen him out).  Yes it is a him.  Check out little tough boys "lipstick" wound out between his legs.  This often happens with little boy joeys, they get very excited to be hopping out for the first few times.

It all happens very quickly.  Merrilyn decides things are safe around her, she relaxes her pouch and the new joey tumbles out.  They are very Bambi like at this stage.  They struggle to their feet, swaying about on their long back legs, and then immediately try to get back into the pouch.

Mum keeps her pouch relaxed so he can't get back in for a few seconds and she takes this time to give him a clean.

And there is the proof he's a little boy.  This is Merrilyn's second male joey.  The first was her very first joey, Mickie.  Sadly Mickie died after being injured.  We think Merrilyn was being chased and she snagged herself on a branch and fell.  When she arrived here she was bleeding from a tear in the pouch and the joey's head was twisted around strangely.  He was probably trapped between her leg and a log when she fell.  He sustained spinal injuries and couldn't be saved.  People think these animals don't feel too much, but Merrilyn mourned the loss of her first joey quite clearly and so I am hoping this little boy makes it through.  It is a sad fact that 70% of kangaroo joeys don't make it to 12 months old, so fingers crossed.

After just a few seconds out, he's heading safely back into the pouch.  Merrilyn will let him out more often and for longer periods and he'll grow very quickly now.  One of the dangers at this age is eagles, so she'll be sure she is in the shelter of some trees.

Safe back in the pouch.

Thanks to those who've been letting me know you're receiving the new feed.  I'm still adding a link to the old "Scrubby Bush" to be sure.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Writing Triumph and Blog Tragedy

Two writing triumphs really.  I'm taking part in National Novel Writing Month and as the side counter declares I've made it over 9000 words!  Pretty happy with that and am really enjoying getting up each morning and bashing out a novel that has lived in my head for years but has not made it to the top of my priority list until now.  It's only day 5, so if you've been thinking about joining in, it's not too late.  Here's the link to NaNoWriMo.

The second triumph is having ten articles accepted to the website Powder Room Graffiti and thus being named  a Graffiti Artist.  So what is Powder Room Graffiti about?  Here's how they describe themselves: "Powder Room Graffiti is the response to the exasperated sighs of women across the globe.  Powder Room Graffiti highlights the varied lives and experiences of articulate women and amplifies their voices.  Our global community is the perfect place to share laughs, honest views and opinions in a safe and supportive environment."  There are writers and readers from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.  Articles can make you laugh and cry and you can join and add your comments, just as you do with a blog.  They do pay a small amount for each article published, so budding writers may be interested in trying their hand.

Now for the Blog Tragedy.  If you are reading this you have made it to Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush.  As you may know, until a few days ago this blog was called simply "Scrubby Bush".  When I changed the name it seemed all well, that all my followers came with me and nothing but the name and header photograph had changed.  Alas it seems many of you are no longer receiving the post notifications in your google readers so you may miss future posts.  I'm working on what's happening here and if anyone can help please leave a comment.   I'd also appreciate it if you are receiving Kangaroos direct into your reader now so I know if people are receiving it.  Whilst it is now showing me as a follower, the blog is still not appearing in my Google Reader.  I have reinstated Scrubby Bush as a link through, as that is still showing up and so that should keep you in touch for the moment.  Thank you for your patience, it's much appreciated - clearly I'm still a blogging novice.