Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Flood

I'm considering a new occupation as a rain maker!  First we broke the drought on our Queensland cycle holiday and now I seem to have created another flood.  I no sooner sent off a family email update that said we're way down on rain this year, than the sky opened!  In the last couple of days I have received 274mm of rain, (11 inches).  The dam is full, the kangaroos are soggy and the road into town is under water. 

Eastern grey kangaroos don't like rain.
 They don't seem to enjoy getting wet, but the real problem is that the rain makes it harder for them to hear and see predators on the move.  Poor Merrilyn, as if she hasn't had enough of late.

In many ways it is worst for the "at heel" joeys.  Once they reach a certain age and aren't on milk anymore, then their mothers will not allow them to be too close.  What this means in rain is, the mother finds a relatively dry spot under a tree or bush, but won't let the joey too close, so they end up standing in the full rain as they don't want to be too far away.  Here's Tomasina, Merrilyn's older "at heel" joey.

These heavy downpours affect other animals here too.  I think this bird is a young little wattle bird, but didn't want to frighten him from his position.  He had discovered the back of my patio furniture and was trying to dry out.  Looking at the tail, I wonder if something has attacked him.  I watch the wind and the very heavy rain and wonder how birds hang on at all.

And here's a tiny mouse caught up in the flood waters.

Can't see him?  This might help.

At least my house is well above flood level, so I'm safe and dry.  The dam being full at the start of the warmer weather is also good and I certainly won't need to water the veggie patch for a while!


  1. Thank goodness you circled that mousey, couldn't pick it for the life of me lol.
    Poor Tomasina, hope the rain eases up soon and lets everyone dry off properly.

  2. The weather Gods hate me...if I plan an outdoor event I hate to say it out loud because the storms will arrive! I haven't been anywhere near Srubby Bush I promise (although that would be fun!) I just want to give poor Tomasina an umbrella..

  3. I always feel sorry for wildlife when there's bad weather of any kind, especially when fire and floods are involved. Eleven inches of rain - wow!

  4. Eleven inches! Yikes! What a way to end a drought. Love the pictures.


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