Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love Baby Kangaroos!

Firstly, welcome to the new header and blog name.  So many posts here are about Merrilyn and her mob, I thought one of my rare photos of her, together with four of her joeys, was appropriate, a long with the name change.  I'll still be filling you in on the other characters who live here in the scrubby bush, along with other things environmental and interesting bits and pieces.  I hope you like the change.

I just love joeys - which is what a baby kangaroo is known as.  Merrilyn's seventh joey - known simply as "Number 7" at this point, is starting to view the world a bit more.  It's a time I find very exciting and also nerve wracking.  If Merrilyn is chased by a predator, (generally a wild or domestic dog), then nature takes over and relaxes the pouch muscles so the joey tumbles out, and Merrilyn has more chance of escape.  Let's hope that doesn't happen.  Merrilyn still loves to flop on my cool patio, on an old sheepskin rug she used when I raised her, and I caught a few photos as she slept there recently and thought you'd enjoy them.

  The tip of a toe pokes out from the pouch.

The tip of a tail.  It's pink because the joey hasn't developed its fur yet.

A bit more of a foot.
Two little hind feet.

Merrilyn, the sleeping mother.

Initially a joey's ears are floppy, like the one to our right. 
The left hand ear is starting to stand upright now as the joey develops.
Light fur is starting to develop, along with whiskers. 
Gotta love kangaroo joeys! 


  1. Awwww, he/she is gorgeous !
    Love the photos and yay on the new header and title ;)

  2. Love your new look. Love the joey! So cute. I'm green with envy that this is your life. :-)

  3. I really like the new look and the pics are adorable! I've enjoyed reading all about the life and times of your furry friends and I'm looking forward to more! Now, about that novel...I'll look forward to reading yours because you have talent and I just have extreme appreciation of others talent!

  4. I like the new look... and the pics are so cute. I've never seen a kangaroo... the pictures make me want to hug and kiss him! I'm an animal lover... I should have become a vet.
    All the best,


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