Saturday, July 10, 2010

My First Award - Thanks Tightwad

I have to say this week has been amazingly busy and I've had to give blogging a back seat, so imagine the thrill when I did check things out and discovered Tightwad had decided I was a blog of substance!  Hey that's great.  Thanks Tightwad I will wear my new blog bling with pride!  Tightwad's catch cry is "A Girl's Guide to Living on Less" and I really recommend you go and say hello, I actually think Tightwad may have been the first blog I followed.  Thanks again Tightwad!

To finalise the award I have to a) sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words, and b) nominate ten new recipients who I feel have a 'blog with substance.'  Now that's not easy to do on either count.  Here goes:

a) Enthusiastic sharing of  Australian bush.

b) Golly, only 10? I enjoy so many.  OK let's try to nut it down.  These are in Alphabetical order as they are all quite different. Of course, had Tightwad not been given this award already she would have been on this list.
1) Had to include A Beautiful Mess Alicia has helped me out, more than once, on technical issues and, as a new blogger, I really appreciated the support.  Check out Alicia's Friday Flip-Offs guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes.
2) Deb's writing at Catbird Scout is simply beautiful and we share a love of wild things.
3) Anyone who doesn't visit Chez Aspie to join in the caption competition of her Wordless Wednesday is missing out on some fun.  Lord knows where she finds the pictures.  Also her new book "Without Alice" is just being launched.
4) The first blog to help bloggers that I found was Coffee Shop Bloggers.  The girls who run this site scout out interesting blogging tips from elsewhere as well as including their own thoughts.
5) I've become a bit addicted to Friday Flip-Offs.  Missed this week and feeling the additional stress I've bought into my weekend.  Gotta include Kludgy Mom who started that tradition.  Some fabulous recipes here too!
6) There should be a very special award for Bernie at Old? Who? Me?.  I hope I'm still blogging at 84. Bernie you are an inspiration!
7) As a fellow lover of all things Australian Jenni from Prairie Air has to be listed here.  I'll never forget the Vegemite photos!
8) I hope everyone has signed up at The Bloggers Concierge.  Guest posts, A listers, insider tips.  Another place to gain ground in the blogosphere.
9) Everyone knows I'm about things that save our environment so Von at The Good Life had to be included, but wait, there are also very interesting links and photos in this blog even for those not so environmentally inclined.
10) Last, but definitely not least, go and treat yourself to some time with Maddie at The World From My Window.  Maddie's tales of England's rural underbelly are very often hysterically funny. Maddie has great character names and her village is truly enchanting!

So that's it from me.  Please go and take a peek at these blogs and to those bloggers I have passed the award on to, enjoy the opportunity to mull over the blogs you follow and work out who to pass this award on to.


  1. Congrats, Cheryl!!!
    Well done and well deserved :)

  2. Congrats! I think you are very deserving..I love your blog and now I have many more to try out. I really enjoy reading blogs from all over the world. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks girl. You are so funny. I am so not tech savvy. haha. And I barely had time for FFOs myself with family here. Missed you though. Congrats on your award. Your blog is growing and I'm happy for your success. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks, Cheryl! I've been a bit too busy to blog lately as well. (Rarely too busy to read--though I've had to shift to skimming through my blog reader.) I'll try to get a post up and pass this award on quickly. Summing up my blogging philosophy is sure to be the hardest part. Just five words?!? Do I even have a blogging philosophy? That will take some thought.

    Do you know I am officially addicted to Vegemite now? I have it on toast almost every morning. The other day I thought I'd mix it up by going back to my old standby of apricot jam, and I just didn't care for it. Too sweet! I'm on my second jar of Vegemite, and my family thinks I've completely lost my mind. I even picked up some Marmite to see how that compares, but my initial reaction is that I don't care for it at all. The taste is similar yet different somehow and the consistency is quite a bit different. I see a comparison post coming soon.

  5. Congrats on a well-deserved award. I'm so honored to be included in your list, Cheryl. Thank you! I love Old?Who?Me? - one of my favorite blogs. Looking forward to checking out my fellow honorees.

  6. I found you through Bernie. I shall visit again.

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