Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs and High Fives #2

It's time again to join Alicia at A Beautiful Mess and Gigi at Kludgy Mom and plenty of others in their Friday Flip-Off fun. This is how we let off steam so we can relax and enjoy the weekend.  It's usually a bit of fun and can also be highly educational - the things we learn about each other...

1) My number one flip-off this week is TIME.  Yes Mr Time, (If you were a Ms you'd be much more available).  Where the hell did you get to this week?  I've only managed one post since last Friday and, as usual, I'm racing to write this.  Could you please add another few hours to each day, or slow down.

2) TIME WASTERS.  You know, those people who ring you to tell you something they just emailed you, or to just repeat something they said last week.  Please refer to my problem in number one and flip-off.

3) TECHNOLOGY.  Stop laughing Alicia.  I may be hooking up in the links well now, but I can't see the rest of the linkers for a couple of days - now what is that about?  Referring back to my number one issue, I just haven't been able to get to solve this one this week.

4) FLEAS.  Yes I hate to admit this one but after over 5 years of my beautiful abyssinian cats being flea free, someone has bought fleas here.  I suspect I know who, but it's pointless killing them as the deed is done.  I've tried a few things, but seems we will have to get the big guns out.  Anyone with foolproof methods please leave them in a comment.  These are indoor only cats so they haven't picked them up outside.  We wonder if a wandering cat may have dropped by and they've made it through the screens but really we aren't 100% sure how they got here, but they are here and I hate them.  Flip-off fleas!

OK, I literally screamed that last one out, so I'm feeling better and ready to move onto, some

This idea came from  Lisa at Jarbo Jabber and I really like it as I think we need more gratitude.  So who do I want to thank this week?

1) MY FOLLOWERS.  Thank you to all of you.  I think we all know what a thrill it is when that number goes up and I promise you all that I'm rearranging my "Blogosphere" section to put all of you "friends of Scrubby Bush" up front and centre as my way of saying THANK YOU! 

2) MY COMMENTERS.  Wonderful that you pop by and take the time to say a few words.  It's appreciated, and though I don't manage to read everything every week I will make you my priority for visits.

3) THE GREAT STAFF AT THE GREENS STATE HQ.  OK this is meaningless to the overseas people, but suffice to say we in Australia, like most of the world I suspect, are tired of our politicians and political parties, but I have to say the dedicated group who work behind the scenes for this party are passionate, dedicated and really believe in social justice, a sustainable economy with work for all and the value of things like the scrubby bush.  They receive no corporate donations and so work on the smell of an oily rag, but they are a true example of people power!  A big high five to you all!

I think that's me done.  Feeling great and ready for the weekend.  Join in the links and have some fun and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Cheryl, you crack me up. I love that it's Mr. Time because Ms. Time would be more available! LOL. Sorry to hear about the fleas...I know that can be a total hassle!!!! have a agreat weekend!

  2. I love your flip off list, especially about time and fleas! You could have brought a flea in on your leg a month ago, and it laid eggs, and they laid eggs, and now you see them. Here in Georgia, fleas can take over a house in the blink of an eye, so we use either Frontline or Revolution on a monthly basis beginning in April and thru October. But if you're cats are only indoor cats, you should be able to just bathe them (yes, it can be done) and vacumn every day for a couple of weeks, or you can get a one-time only tablet called Capstar that will kill the immediate fleas, and then you still must treat the house by vacumning every few days until the flea cycle has been completed. Good luck!

  3. Sorry about the fleas! I think they are a little worse than my complaint about chiggers! Love your high fives! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh grrr!!! I loathe fleas! Hope you are able to get rid of them. I so agree with you that Ms. Time would surely be much more available. :)

  5. Cheryl, I can't agree with you more about time. I actually have that in my flip-offs this week too. As for fleas, I feel awful for you. I (knock-on-wood) have never experienced fleas but I can just imagine how horrible it must be. I hope someone will come along and give you some good advice on the situation soon. Great's fun to see what life is like in Australia! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm a new follower.

  6. Great flips and high fives! Sorry about the fleas! It's a pain dealing with them.

  7. Ugh... fleas! We do battle with them every year! I should have added them to my list as well. We do weekly flea baths on our 2 cats and one dog, but still we have them. If you find something that works, let me know!

  8. Totally cracking me up girl. Have no idea why it is delayed?? I'm really not all that tech savvy myself. You really are doing great. Sorry for the fleas. And that time one again. I hear ya loud and clear. Glad you have some positive ones to end with. Have a great weekend!!

  9. You know what I love best about your flip off post? You do thank-you's at the end. What a good idea... and a great reminder that things aren't really all that bad. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Good and bad - great post!
    Happy, little late though, blog hop greetings, from Casablanca, Morocco!
    Next time on time I hope! :)


  11. Love the high five's idea at the end! Completely agree with you about time, it's going way too fast at the moment, I agree Mrs Time would be much more available :)

  12. My mum swears by sprinkling brewers yeast on their food. A half teaspoon a day. Her cats NEVER had fleas.

  13. I echo your flip off list (apart from the fleas - thankfully, although my daughter's cat did bring some home a couple of years ago).



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