Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs, 6/4 - Edition

Heck these Friday flip-offs are just too much fun not to join in.  Never joined one?  We'll here's your chance.  Thanks to Kludgymom who started this blog hop.  Set up your post, add the code below and add in your name and URL for the post and you're a way.  Great way to meet new people.. check out new blogs etc.

And so to the things that blew my cool this week:

1) Time.  I find the clock is ticking by way to fast this week and I'm totally cramming to add in this post.  So to the man who designed only 24 hours in a day - Flip off!

2) To the one who shall remain unnamed who thinks his cycle rides are the only rides in town and that no one should be allowed to cycle anywhere else if he has a ride on.  Grow up and flip off!

3) I'm still fed-up with the same politicians I was fed-up with last week.  Still saying a lot (mostly lacking truth) and doing little.  So looking forward to 2 elections within the next 12 months so I can flip you all off.

4) To BP - hmm didn't they make a big deal of changing from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum - it just seems you are intent in covering the world with petroleum.  Plug it now and then flip off and never drill again unless you can fix any potential problem.

Golly it makes you feel better to do this and I'm hoping some of my followers will join in the fun.  De stress for the weekend and enjoy their Friday evening more.  Now finally don't forget to check out the scrumptious pumpkin soup recipe I added earlier today.


  1. OK, re #2, you have to fill me in with the gossip! LOL....

  2. way to flip off bp....they deserve it BIG TIME!!! have a good weekend!

  3. I'm with you on TIME. I shoulda used that one. Maybe next week. I actually think it is speeding up!??

  4. Applause for flipping of BP....
    I agree with not enough hours in the day-and today is speeding by!

  5. Cheryl...cute, cute kangaroos! I was going to put down TIME on my flip-offs too but I ran out of time. Geez!!
    As for BP...BROKEN PIPES!

  6. Yah! I totally get the flip off things. Sometimes I want to flip off time as well. I mean, why does it go fast when I need more of it and slow when I want something to come up quicker?? I flip the whole time thing off too!!


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