Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs, 6/11 - Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to the Friday blog hop, Friday Flip-offs.  I was introduced to this 3 weeks ago by Alicia from A Beautiful Mess who came upon it via its originator Gigi at Kludgy Mom.  (Thanks to both, please go and say hello to them). The basic concept is to rid yourself of the irritations of the week, so you can relax and enjoy your weekend. 
At the same time, it's a blog hop, so join in and go and visit others and see what they are flipping off.  So organise your post, add the code below, put in your blog post code here and away you go.

So what has burned me this week?

1) The oil is still gushing out at some 840,000 gallons a day.  So my Oil Spill Counter was reading 38,917,350 when I just checked it and if you click on the link I'm sure you'll be amazed at how much it's gone up.  So to the executives of BP, may I join with a fellow blogger who suggested your bodies should be added to the pipe to stop the leak, flip-off!

2) So as if it isn't bad enough that BP is polluting the Gulf, this week I heard about Canada's tar sands in their Boreal forests.  BP is planning major expansions there to extract what is known as dirty oil.  It's costing too much of the earth and is causing health issues to humans as well as the destruction of forests.  Never heard of it?  Here's a site that has some straightforward information about it.  Boreal Birdsong Initiative.  Sort out the Gulf BP and as you now like to call yourself "Beyond Petroleum" lets see you doing just that and leaving Alberta alone.  So double flip-off to BP this week.

3) Closer to home a flip-off to the person preaching ethics from behind a false name.  Doesn't seem very ethical to do that to me.

4) To my techno-midget brain that still isn't able to get the great flip-off badge from Kludgy Mom to work - flip-off and get with it!

5) A flip-off to my insurance company who had somehow lost my claim through a crack in their system.  Maybe some rethinks when it comes to premium time guys!

So that's me, now you join in the fun!


  1. Great Flip Offs! The oil spill is so bad and sad :( Someone should give the BP's 'big guys' some straws to clean the mess up!

  2. What a clever blogger to suggest stuffing the leaking pipe with BP executives. Your link to the tar sands site is just as alarming as what I posted.

    Re preaching ethics, well done you to pick that.

  3. OK, if it makes you feel any better that badge of kludgymoms hasn't been working. She's tried everything too. Just right click on her picture and save is as a pic, then when posting press the photo button on top and select it out of your pictures. Then just try to use her name in your post and link people back to her as you have. Well done on that. And thanks for the hook up my friend.

    I'm with you on the oil gushing issue. I can hardly stand to listen to it... it makes me sick. I thought of using it, but I'm not even sure who to flip off. Seriously, why is this still happening? And why can it not be stopped? We were recently in Fl over spring break and those white beaches will be no more. It makes me so sad.

    Hey, and your bloghop thing worked this week. Yay!!

    Thanks for linking up again. Great flips!

  4. As Lish said...I can't get the code to work for the badge, so just feel free to use the photo. You give me a great shout out in your post anyway and I really appreciate that :)

    I cannot believe how we are destroying our planet right now. I am not a huge environmentalist normally but I am totally saddened by BP. I hope they go out of business. I really do.

  5. I'm SO glad you flipped off BP! I could write a whole post flipping them off! ugh. It's so horrible! Very nice blog!

  6. bahahahaha, love # 1, adding their bodies to the pipe to stop the leak!!! LOVE LOVE IT! great one, have a good weekend~!

  7. I can't get over the mess in the Gulf and BP. Come on already! Great flips!

  8. I think this is the first week in like four weeks that my insurance company wasn't on my flip offs...they should've been. Your list is great!

  9. Gotta love Australians! Your FFOs were so, so polite. I hope you had a relaxing weekend!


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