Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eel Checks Out Deepwater Oil Leak

Hi all, I found this via Twitter and just had to share it.  It shows the oil leak, which is fairly depressing, however it also shows an eel coming in to check out what the heck is happening.  Probably thinking "what have those dumb humans done now?"  Well worth a look, thanks Guardian UK and there are several related videos right along side. 

Guardian UK Video

Speaking of eels, look at this fantastic shot of a white mouthed moray eel by Jurvetson on flickr  The amazing creatures we don't even know exist and yet which we affect by the way we live our lives.


  1. Beautiful photo by Jurvetson, Cheryl.
    I find the whole oil spill situation very upsetting. We'll probably never know the full extent of the devastation to the ocean & life beneath the waves, but a spill of that size & duration HAS to have a significant effect on our environment.

  2. I think eels are fascinating. There is so much underwater life and it is sad that we don't treat them better. I have been scuba diving a few times and it's always amazing. I can only hope that some of these awesome animals can survive the oil spill and we will get to enjoy them for years to come.

  3. Great photo.

    The oil spill is just horrible. The environment will recover - but it will take many many years.

  4. That oil is just heart breaking.

  5. It is out of control. What do you think will happen to all the sea creatures down there? Great photo.

  6. Hi all and thanks for the comments. This whole situation is so sad. Certainly thousands of creatures and birds will die. I wish companies would consider the consequences of their actions. These creatures can't speak for themselves and they have every right to a safe, secure home too. As individuals we don't gain the benefits, the wildlife don't gain the benefits, there are clean alternatives and yet corporate greed still seems to run our world.


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