Friday, May 7, 2010

What Sits on Your Doorstep?

Funny the things you see when you live here.  Some of it is unique, of course, especially when it comes to Merrilyn, who views anything around here as her property to use at will.  So I thought I'd share these photos with you as they are something not seen very often.

You won't often see an eastern grey sitting like this very often.  They do it when they give birth, or to give their tail a good clean, if they can find a good spot. 
Merrilyn clearly thought she had the best this day!

When I looked up from what I was doing in the kitchen I couldn't believe it.  So quietly went out of the back door so I could come around and take the photographs.

Redneck wallabies do it too.  Here are a couple of photos of a redneck I had in care a few years ago.

Yes this is a lounge.  This little one had been outside, but had fallen ill.  Once inside the warmth of the house with his favourite greens, he made a spectacular recovery!  Some joeys clearly made a monkey out of me when I was in wildlife care!

Same joey, pretty close to fully grown and able to sit anywhere without support.

Nature is absolutely wonderful.  We just need to quietly observe and enjoy!


  1. I agree nature shows us the power of our Creator........ love your photo's thanks for sharing

  2. What fabulous photos we'd not normally see any other way, thanks :)

  3. Hi Karen and Jayne, glad you liked them, will hunt out some more unusual photos over time. Cheers Cheryl


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