Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happiness is a feeding joey

Any one who has read much of this blog will know I'm passionate about my wildlife and saving their habitat.  Some days it's a thankless task.  Most people are too busy surviving their own lives to pay much attention to how the animals are going.  I sometimes wonder myself, am I compromising my own life and happiness by taking on this crusade.  Then along comes a moment and you just know that it's all worth while.

This is Merrilyn feeding her youngest, at heel joey, Rocky.
 Tomasina, next joey up, is just appearing in the background.
Just like any feeding Mum, Merrilyn closes her eyes and enjoys the moment.  You can see a slight bump in her pouch, just below Rocky's fore paw, that's joey number 7.  Yes Merrilyn, I'm happy to keep fighting the good fight.  You deserve to be here too.

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  1. Never back down from something you believe in, we are all here for a purpose and I have no doubt that you have found yours.


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