Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cut Your Loops

Here's an easy way to save a few lives.  Cut the loops of your plastic bottles and cartons before you put them in the recycling bin. (I just know you all recycle!)  What do I mean.  OK I have some photos:

Here's a plastic bottle.  Top bit is the cap, just below that is the loop. 
Yes the piece that sealed it before you opened it.

When the bottles are crushed, the loop can come off, as we demonstrate here.
This loop can cause death to all kind
of creatures if they put their head or body
through it and it becomes caught.
So snip them before disposing of them, (no need to take them off, just hook scissors underneath), job done.

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  1. Also, crush cat/dog food cans so any animals can't get their heads caught in them (this happened a few times in years gone by with strays at Melb tips).


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