Tuesday, May 11, 2010

31% of our wildlife has gone since 1970

Well I'm especially sad today as a United Nation's report has confirmed what I am seeing with my own eyes.  The world has lost 31% of its wildlife since 1970.  That's in only 40 years.  If this continues we will have lost 90% of our wildlife within a century.

The problem is, no one seems to care.  As I check newspaper headlines, where is this massive crisis for our wildlife populations?  No where to be seen.  There's a Federal Budget being bought down tonight, so all eyes are turned there with interest to see how we'll personally be affected.  Animals - hmm they'll have to wait. 

This is a new blog, with small numbers following it so far, but I am determined to do my bit to reverse this trend in our animal destruction.  I am sure, if people know, they will care and they will do their bit to help preserve animal habitats, stop the pollution of our rivers, the loss of our wetlands, the destruction of our forests.  I hereby declare that I will not stop in my efforts to alert people to the needs of the other species we share this planet with.  They have a right to be here too!


  1. While I am new to your blog, I expect you will quickly build a following. You have my support.

  2. I love your blog will tell others about it to increase your numbers

  3. Hi Andrew and Karen, many thanks for your warm words. They are much appreciated. Best wishes, Cheryl


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