Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pesticide Poisoning, Two Headed Fish and Withholding Periods

I am regularly reminded why I grow alot of my own fruit and vegetables and why I prefer certified organic if I don't have my own.  Last night an item on ABC's 7.30 report caught my attention. "Two headed fish"!  It seems very likely that pesticides, sprayed by a neighbouring macadamia nut farm, are the cause of fish deformities at a fish farm in Queensland.  A full analysis is taking place,
but with so many chemicals in our environment it isn't always easy to pin point what exactly causes any problem.  I wonder if we are eating the fish from that farm?

I remember when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, asking the oncologist what might have caused it.  His answer was that there are so many carcinogens, (cancer causing elements), in our environment today that it is almost impossible to pinpoint which one may have contributed to your cancer and that's why so many companies are able to continue using them because no one can say it's that particular one for sure. How crazy is the world we live in?

My Lovely man recently completed a chemical certification course because we have to use 1080 baits here occasionally to keep the fox and wild dog situation under control.  I know, I know, lots of people hate the thought, me too, but I've done extensive research that tells me the wildlife have a much better chance this way, than just leaving feral animals to destroy them, anyway the course covered all farm chemicals and they warned about the dangers of using chemicals and the lecturer went so far as to say many farmers suffer great ill health by the time they are in their middle years becuase of their exposure to chemicals. 

One particularly nasty substance is Rogor, a substance that I believe has been banned in many countries but is still in use here in Australia.   You can even buy it in a handy spray can for home use on fruit, vegetables and flowers.  It has a 7 day with holding period.  What that means is you should not eat anything that has been sprayed with Rogor within 7 days of it being sprayed.  The problem being - do we ever read what it says on a can?  We have a problem, ask for a solution, spray it on and then don't think much about it.  DON'T DO IT!   Find a harmless organic solution.

One final word here - anticholinesterase.  One of my philosophies of life is never to eat anything that has an ingredient in it I don't recognise as something I could grow, and I never eat things with substances in them I cannot pronouce.  It should be the same for chemical use.  The manufacturers who use them know you probably wouldn't touch their products with a barge pole if they mentioned they included nerve poisons.  So they simply tell you that they contain anticholinesterase compounds. (Rogor is one of them - Dimethoate is an anticholinesterase compound).  Go on check out your garden shed.  Put on gloves and a mask and see what's in the things you think are saving your veggies from bugs and ask yourself what they are doing to you.  Dispose of them by handing them in to a chemical retailer - DON'T put them in your bin or pour them down a drain.  Oh and if you suffer from sweating, headaches, chest pains, giddiness, pinpoint pupils, blurred vision, nausea or stomach cramps afterwards go to a hospital, you've been poisoned.

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