Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making books work

I mark my books.  Yes I take to them with highlighter pens and biros and I make sure I can easily find the good bits again.  This horrifies my mother who thinks I'm a vandal and it makes my partner jealous because he'd love to but just can't make himself do it.  The thing is, that unless you highlight the pieces you want to remember, you forget them, and it's all too hard to read the whole book to find them again. 

I'm reading a great book at present.  "The Breakthrough Experience" by Dr John F Demartini and last night I found two gems that I simply have to share. 

The first is the Law of Lesser Pissers.  Yes you read that correctly.  The Law of Lesser Pissers.  It states,
and I quote: "that if you're given the choice between pissing someone else off or pissing yourself off, choose, them.  People come and go, but you're with you for the whole trip...and it's your life." 

Now isn't that worth marking a book for?  Haven't you, on several occasions, backed down to keep the peace and ultimately just ended up pissing yourself off?

The second is:
"The story you tell yourself about your life is what your life becomes."

So what's the story you are currently telling yourself and is it what you want your life to be?

I'm going to leave you to ponder that one, but do come back tomorrow as I think I'm going to share the secret of healthy nuts!

June 2011 Update
Hi if you are here from Nicole's Word of Mouth Musings Blogiversary link to our very first posting, I want to say that my blog developed down a different avenue to the current blog about kangaroos, and one joey in particular.  If it's your first visit take a look at this posting so you'll know what to expect if you return.  Gone in a flash - Merrilyn Part 9.  Thanks for visiting.  Best wishes Cheryl


  1. Go Cheryl! Well, firstly I am looking forward to finding out all about the troops at Scrubby Brush. Secondly I'm going to have to get me a copy of that book!


  2. Love to know how you broke into publishing your own work. Perhaps, talking about tips and traps and wins and disasters?

    BTW site looks very polished !

  3. Awesome quotes, came here via Tracey and I'll be back :)


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