Friday, April 30, 2010

Information is Beautiful

Yesterday I heard about this website that turns everyday information into graphic forms that are easy for us all to understand.  I had a look and want to share it with you.  This link will take you to a graphic that really gives meaning to the meaningless figures we are given about sea level rises to come.  You can click on the smaller graphic and it becomes larger and names the cities on the steps.  Far better to be living in Lower Manhatten than LA, but if you're in Venice, better move now!

The other graph I liked was about the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland and a question about which is sending up more CO2 the volcano or air traffic! Look for "Planes or Volcano".  Think I'll add this to my blogosphere.  Happy days, Cheryl

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  1. That's a good one, I've added it to my blogroll, would help make many things make sense to those who are visual learners like my son ;)


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