Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Furry alarm clocks and healthy nuts

I must be the luckiest person in the world.  My wake up call this morning was a small kangaroo bleat.  It was Tomasina, who must have been split from her Mum, Merrilyn, in the night.
This is Tomasina.  She is Merrilyn's 5th joey and is easily recognised by the scar on her nose.  She took a major tumble, (well that's what we assume, she may have been being chased by a stray dog), a few months ago.  She took a huge lump out of her nose and twisted a back leg and for a while I wondered if she would make it, but she's a fighter and
worked out how to hop by holding both back legs together and that worked whilst things healed and today, other than the nose scar, you'd never know she'd had a problem.  So she bleated at about 6am.  As soon as I spoke to Lovely about it, the two indoor fur balls appeared on the bed.  Simba loves a morning cuddle in bed.  By the time I got up, Merrilyn and Rocky (the bub and 6th joey) had arrived on the scene so Tomasina was happy.  It is a wonderful sight to see a mother eastern grey kangaroo and two of her offspring grazing in the morning sun.  

I headed into our side sunroom which we call the wellness room to complete some morning stretches and qi gong (like Tai Chi).  The wellness room looks out over our rose garden and into the bush.  All the window covers slide down so it becomes a large open space protected by fly screens.  We are having  superb crisp autumn weather.  This has to be one of my favourite times of year.  Cool nights for snuggling, crisp mornings for exercise and warm sunny days.

So I promised you healthy nuts!  The type you eat for a snack!  We had some visitors here the other day who were asking about them, so here we go. 
Most people love nuts but don't realise that raw nuts are full of enzyme inhibitors that make them very difficult to digest.  Well let's face it, nature intended seeds, (nuts), to be eaten by an animal, passed through their system and pooped out to grow somewhere.  So if you eat raw nuts you don't gain much nutritional benefit.  Similarly roasted nuts are also devoid of much nutrition.  So to get rid of the inhibitors you soak them overnight in water, (I also add a good spoon of celtic sea salt to add some minerals to them).  This is enough in itself, but most people don't like the texture of soaked nuts.  So to make them crisp and yummy you pop them into a dehydrator for about 24 hours, or if you don't have a dehydrator you can put them on a tray in your oven, (only cool, my dehydrator setting for nuts is 41 c or 105 f, any hotter and you'll destroy the goodness in the nuts anyway).  The result - wonderful crunchy nuts that everyone loves and you know are good for you.  It really isn't difficult.  Try it, you won't go back. Here's my latest batch.

So that's it for me for the minute.  I promise more about the troops as we go, more books and links and to answer any questions you send through.  Happy nut crunching. 


  1. I have tried the nuts, taste brilliant with no guilt !!

  2. I always knew you were nuts Cheryl! I shall have to get off my backside and try doing them. Is it 24 hours in the slow oven too?

  3. Thanks for being so insightful about my mental state Trace! No one will be surprised. Yes 24 hours in the oven too.

  4. How can a blog be carbon neutral. I understand the concept of our carbon footprint. Thanks

  5. Hi Kat and thanks for visiting and following this blog. The people behind the "Carbon Neutral" badge plant trees on behalf of those who write a post and show the badge. Whether it offsets all aspects of blogging, in fact where do you start to try and figure that out? I'm not sure but I'm happy to have more trees out there and others perhaps adding to that by seeing the badge and getting involved.


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