Friday, April 23, 2010

Beetles and Leeches

Some nights you just don't sleep well, am I right?  I'm betting your disturbances aren't quite like mine.  Last night I fell into an exhausted sleep at 10pm.  About an hour later I'm woken by frantic scratching sounds accompanied by squeaking.  My brain vaguely registers that the cats are trying to get at something and I turn over and pulling up the sheets.  Suddenly wide awake.  The squeaking means the cats aren't just frantically scratching the glass to try to reach a small frog or insect on the outside, something is in the house.  Lovely sleeps on.

So up with the torch, (though why I think light will wake the sleeping Lovely when the noise doesn't is beyond me), and there's Simba, about a metre from Lovely, scratching frantically at the bottom of the sliding door.  You know, that impossible to get all the dust out of properly, part of the door frame, where the door slides back.  He wants something that's hiding in there.
  So, at least I know that what ever is squeaking isn't that big and is unlikely to be my first thought.

I approach, torch in hand and there, making an amazing racket for its size is a small brown beetle.  I head for the bathroom, grab some toilet paper and try to hook him out of the railing.  No luck.  So I pop the toilet paper over him in an attempt to have Simba think he's gone, but the beetle doesn't understand and squeaks the louder for being covered up.  Simba moves in, and somehow the paper helps him and he scoops both out and onto the floor.  I grab both and take them outside.  I deposit the beetle into the flower bed with strict instructions not to return and I head back to bed.

I'm wide awake and cursing, but finally drift to sleep.  Suddenly I'm aware of something moving on my hand.  I flick it, it's tiny and probably a mozzie I think.  I drift off further.  More irritation to the hand.  I brush at it and now I'm wide awake again.  It's a leech.  A tiny, thread like leech but I'm sure, even in the darkness that it's a leech.  I grab it between two fingers and head for the kitchen.  Out with the salt and down the sink it goes.  I look down and blood is forming beneath my ring.  Little has made a connection.  Find the micropore tape, add it and then back to bed again.  I'm wide awake again, wondering if the leech jumped on when I took the beetle out or whether it was roaming the house previously.  I now feel several crawling things on me, none of which is any more than a piece of fluff.  Lovely, through it all sleeps on and I'm very tempted to give him a sharp nudge.

Finally back to sleep.  "burr burr burr burr".  It's Lovely's mobile going off and it's now about 1am.  Finally Lovely wakes up, grumbles and stumbles off to check the phone which is just a security call from a previous life, the idiots just don't seem capable of changing the number to the new guy he should ring.  Now I need a wee.

I think I might have managed at least 3 hours until Libby decided I should be awake and came purring up at my head, she likes to be fed at 4am and then finally I wake to see the roos grazing on the lawn outside.  It's daytime and I wonder whether any of my night was real or was it all a dream?  No the micropore tape is still in place.  Ah you've just got to love living in the bush.    


  1. lol You poor thing!
    I'll tell my hubby the next time he gets up to let the furbabies out at 3am at least he doesn't need to worry about leeches!

  2. You must have asked the Universe to give you something to write a story about? It responded


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